The Originals, Boy Was I Wrong

The Originals have never really appealed to me since it started. I did try to watch the first episode but it was full of parts I had already seen on The Vampire Diaries, so i got bored and turned it off. I decided last night to give it another go, to which I sat and enjoyed 13 episodes off the trot. I was wrong, the show is epic.

I was completely wrong in judging the series on its first episode, boy was I wrong for doing so. First of all it looks deep into the lives of The Originals from The Vampire Diaries and although it’s a spin-off it has its own special charms.

Of course one of the big charms is Klaus Mikelson played by Joseph Morgan he’s The Original with the bad attitude, huffy ways and handsome face. As fans will know Klaus is a hybrid of half vampire/half wolf and he is sexy as hell.

I am hoping with The Vampire Diaries ending that we are going to see some of the cast make their way over. we have already heard the rumors that Damon Salvatore and Kathrine Pierce are said to be making their way over once The Vampire Diaries comes to an end with their 8th season being their last.

I had already noticed Tyler had joined the originals team, but there is one face I am praying joins us. I am deeply hoping that Caroline will see the error of her ways and fall into Klaus’s arms. After all the lovable hybrid fell head over heels for Caroline while he was in the vampire diaries and we all know she had feelings for him too.

Its obvious from the first few seasons that Elijah and Hayley are going to end up together, after all every time they look at each other sparks fly. So as you can tell I am really enjoying the show and alway admit when I am wrong.

If anyone has not given this show a go and they are The Vampire Diaries fans then I highly recommend you do.




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