New Day Tag Team Temporarily Add Female Member, Fits like a Glove

Monday Night Raw saw a six person mixed tag team match that “just worked” on the side of The New Day and their temporary tag partner.  For those that do not know, The New Day have recently passed holding the WWE World Tag Team Championships for a year with their second title run so far.  They are the longest reigning in WWE history for the Tag Team Championships, it is rather interesting how the tag team champs stuck out a gimmick many wrote them off over.  Now they are hitting their stride with that gimmick and even found a female tag partner that “just fits”.

Bayley was just called up from NXT recently and joined the ranks of the Monday Night Raw roster.  She won her debut match against Dana Brooke and this week she had a repeat in the mixed tag match.  When I first saw Bayley in NXT I was wondering where she would fit in on the main roster- a “hugger” type character. While a new gimmick it was one that just seemed WAY off for a wrestler but it worked somehow.  Now when watching NXT you have to think ahead about how this character could play out on the main roster (now of either show).

Teaming Bayley up with The New Day just added to the personas of all four members rather than detract from them.  This was evident in how they got along in and out of the ring and how well they were able to work off of their opponents – Gallows and Anderson plus Dana Brooke.  Their opposition in this mixed tag match also seemed to fit really well.  Dana Brooke, being built as the proverbial side kick, fit well with Gallows and Anderson as the “nurse” to their doctors storyline against The New Day.

Will we see Bayley and The New Day tag up more in the future?  I hope so as she fit so well with them.  Maybe we will see more mixed tag matches featuring Bayley and a combination of The New Day.

What are your thoughts?  Did you enjoy this seemingly impromptu tag match?  Did anyone else catch the look between Gallows and Anderson when Dana Brooke made for the “too sweet” finger touch?


Carl Williams

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