Vampyr Depicts World War I Werewolves and Vampire Narrative, New Screenshots

World War I was a horrible war, all war is horrible actually.  We saw the worst of mankind on exhibit in what was billed as the first global conflict.  Imagine, in that horror and devastation troops on either side had to deal with vampires and werewolves too?  Vampyr takes that challenge up and runs wild with it.  Coming in 2017, Vampyr will hit the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC via the Steam distribution service.

Playing as Doctor Jonathan Reid you are tasked with dealing with becoming a vampire during a war.  This compounds your life to no end, of course, but life doesn’t stop because you are having a bad day.  Since you are a doctor, killing kind of goes against your oath as a physician but that little ting in your gut is calling for blood.

PS4 Vampyr

While there is a war going on you are going to have be careful in how many innocent lives you take to fulfill your hunger.  The cool thing about Vampyr is that things are interconnected.  You kill a seemingly innocent woman walking down the street and her husband could be persuaded to take action to avenge her death.  This ripple effect in the universe of Vampyr helps give consequences to your actions.  Say you decide to go on a murder spree ala Grand Theft Auto V then you might bring in the troops from one side or the other, simply complicating your life beyond belief.

Games with consequences are not new though it is interesting how those consequences are being integrated to make a fun game.  If you are interested in a darker action game with a war theme then get ready, Vampyr is coming.

Vampyr by Focus Home Interactive
Developer: Dontnod
Genre: Action, adventure
Platform: Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC via Steam
Rated: Probably Mature
Available 2017

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