Stranger Things Netflix Original Television Show Review

Is Netflix getting scary to anyone else?  How long before they are considered a movie/television studio unto themselves?  For many, myself included, Netflix is already higher up the “entertainment value” ranking than some of the mainstream stations.  Anyhow, no matter how you feel about the people funding new shows like Stranger Things, the fact is they are financing these “long shots” that would otherwise not be funded and released.  That would be a sad world to live in too.  This is a spoiler free review of the whole series.

Basically, if you love 1980’s adventure movies starring pre-teens and teens then you will absolutely love Stranger Things.  This is a love letter to that nostalgic part of your memory.  The show starts off a little slow but as things start to happen, as the mystery deepens and we meet more of the “larger than life” characters, and those that wish to operate in the shadows, Stranger Things starts to really pick up.

There are obvious, and not so obvious, influences sprinkled throughout Stranger Things.  Half of the fun is finding them all.  From E.T. to Goonies to Poltergeist you will have your hands full figuring out all of them.  There are already websites available that think they have found all of the hints, tips of the hat etc but read more than one and you will realize that no one site has found them all yet.

Filming of Stranger Things looks and feels like a movie out of the late 80’s.  Things are done just right, nostalgia is kept high with proper props including cars, televisions and how well the actors imitated the “80’s actor”.

The story telling is more modern than the 1980’s but it is still close.  Netflix did a great job picking up Stranger Things, hopefully there will be a season two.  Have you watched Stranger Things yet?

A Netflix subscription is required to watch Stranger Things.

Carl Williams

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