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Witch-Bot Meglilo Released on Steam

Bullet hell shooting fans rejoice.  Another game in this genre has been released and this time, it is a throwback title with a dark comedy edge.  Witch-Bot Meglilo is an overhead scrolling shooter that simply fills the screen with bullets so much so that you are going to die.  A lot.  That is unless you make use of the new mechanic offered here.

The story is kind of weird in Witch-Bot Meglilo.  Meglilo is a member of the magic kingdom (not Disney) who decides to visit the human world (Muggles to Harry Potter fans).  Meglilo quickly meets her demise because the day and location she decided to appear was right in the middle of a battle between humans and the Gogoh army.  Fret not, Professor Anamori was able to rebuild Meglilo with some mechanical parts he had handy.

Armed with quite a bit of firepower for such an innocent looking girl, Witch-Bot Meglilo is accompanied by Billiken- her sidekick/conscience.  Their interaction is told through dark comedy cutscenes between levels.

The levels in Witch-Bot Meglilo are all overhead scrolling affairs involving you taking on tons of ammunition.  Bosses are clearly bosses and enemies are clearly out to kill you.

· Various chapters with dark comedy stories accompanying the different stages.
· A time-stop mechanism to allow you to pause time and teleport to a different location.
· 10 variations of satellites to assist you, each one is interchangeable.

The new mechanic in Witch-Bot Meglilo is a time stop transportation option.  When overwhelmed with bullets or enemies, simply pause time, choose a new location to teleport and wham!  You are now in the new location.  This is a unique mechanism for shooting games- similar to the rewind feature that took action platform games by storm over the last several years.

Witch-Bot Meglilo by Playism
Developer- Astro Port
Genre: Overhead Bullet Hell
Platform: Steam (Windows)
In App Purchases: No
Available now on Steam

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