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Movie Theory: Rebel Wilson is Fat Amy in Every one of her Movies!?

Rebel Wilson is a very talented (read overweight) and pretty actress. She’s funny and is very proud of her achievements (deservedly so). But, as with many actors and actresses she’s been typecast into her roles in almost every single one of her movies. This is not an uncommon Hollywood practice and in fact possibly some of your favorite actors might be or have been typecast in the past. Actors such as Michael Cera, Tom Hanks, Whoopi Goldberg, Jack Black, Seth Rogen and a multitude of others which can be described as being themselves in a movie.

I personally hate the practice because it makes it easy to predict how a character will act in a movie. This takes away some of the suspension of disbelief and makes it harder to enjoy a film for what it is. We can all count on Whoopi to be the magical negro stereotype, Michael Cera to be the awkward teenager or Seth Rogen to be the loser stoner who reforms (somehow magically) throughout a 2 hour film. Needless to say it’s a terrible practice (in my opinion), but it certainly yields result seeing as a lot of their films end up being commercially successful. But, this is not about them; this is about Rebel Wilson and Fat Amy.
Wilson has starred in quite a number of recent popular films such as Pitch Perfect 1 and 2, Pain & Gain, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, How to be Single. In all of these films we see Rebel as a party girl who is quick to fall in love and or sleep around with a multitude of guys. Most of the people Fat Amy sleeps with would also be considered out of the league of much skinnier individuals. But, the end result is the same; Amy is a self-absorbed party girl who manages to sleep around on a regular basis while taking shit from almost nobody. This led me to theorize that in these movies (even the ones where she is a supporting character (which is all of them)) it’s actually Fat Amy after graduating college.
You see while Amy was graduating college and even after she had to take on multiple jobs and other responsibilities to afford the fact that she was an Australian in American College. In 2012 Fat Amy was just a freshman in College trying to find her path in life. After this time (in 2013) she would have to find jobs during summer vacation. Finding an internship at a clinic which assists men with erectile dysfunctions she becomes involved with a man named Doorbal and marries him.

The marriage is quickly annulled after their whirlwind relationship and his criminal activities lead him to jail, during this time she has continued her education with his money and the divorce settlement. After, the well has run dry (thanks to her lavish promiscuous) lifestyle Fat Amy is stuck in a position where she once again needs to work for her money.
This is what leads her to the Museum where a table allows wax statues to come to life. In her brief stint as a security guard she is mystified by the magical place and falls in love with a wax statue of a caveman. This doesn’t last as the statue can only be alive during the night and she has to go back to college. In 2015 Amy stumbles and has a gigantic wardrobe malfunction which costs the credibility of Amy and her friends, but the events of Pitch Perfect 2 play out. This is when Fat Amy finally graduates College and is what finally leads her to finding a steady job at a firm.

In How to be single (2016) Amy is now called Robin (an Alias used by Fat Amy during her stint as a criminal’s wife). This is where all of her life decisions finally pile up and we are revealed that in spite of all the walls Fat Amy has placed around herself she is still a vulnerable young woman.
Throughout all of this we learn that Fat Amy has some self-hating tendencies and can’t avoid getting into fast paced meaningless relationships. Whether these stem from insecurities about her body or her general devil-may-care attitude brought upon by being bullied as a child is unknown to us (the viewer). But, once thing is clear, Amy has changed her name multiple times and lived a full life while maintaining a façade of high self-esteem in order to protect herself. Who knows where Fat Amy will end up next, but I anxiously wait to see the next chapter in this young woman’s life.

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