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Cable Guy Turns 20 Years Old

Have you ever had a pushy friend that just doesn’t take a hint?  Someone that, no matter what, includes themselves and just goes too far?  That is basically Jim Carrey’s character in The Cable Guy.  This is one of those movies, which at the time, was viewed as just a comedy but somehow got a lot of things right about the future.  Boy did this movie foretell a lot of the technological advances we saw over the following two decades, and continue to see.

The premise is one that most people dream of but don’t actually take action on.  Bribing the cable guy when he is installing service to get free stuff.  Steven, played by Matthew Broderick, is upset over the reaction his girlfriend had to his marriage proposal decides to take bad advice from “that” friend.  Steven moves into a new apartment all his own and decides to bribe the cable guy – Ernie “Chip” Douglas.  Chip is that guy in school that would go WAY overboard to keep friends.  Chip accepts the bribe and begins to finagle his way into Steven’s life.  In a bad way.

The key part of The Cable Guy is when Chip takes Steven to the satellite dish that feeds the cable company.  Chip goes on an animated tirade of information spilling including mentioning gaming and other forms of entertainment happening over long distances at lightning speed thanks to technology advances.  I don’t remember exactly what Chip mentions so I won’t break it down with a detailed explanation.  It is just kind of eerie looking back at what Chip said and what has happened since he said it.

The Cable Guy is often called a dark comedy – things that Chip puts Steven through are often quite hilarious.  Such as the medieval dinner theater.  It is a tale of things going too far with someone who is just a little “off” and it is an enjoyable ride, even if you are not a fan of Jim Carrey.

Carl Williams

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