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Forgotten Tales- Day of the Dead Card Adventure Released on Steam

It is not often that we bring up card games but well, it is not often that they are more than just old faithful.  Straight solitaire.  Forgotten Tales – Day of the Dead is more than just straight solitaire.  If you have ever played Fairway Solitaire then you have an idea of what to expect with this one.  Barrowing from the Mexico holiday “Dia de los Muertos” or Day of the Dead may seem weird for a card game, I have to agree.

There is a story to this title that involves the love of your life being kidnapped by an evil soul.  This is bad news and you cannot stand for it.  Along your journey to save your love you will meet and help many souls find their way, belongings and more.

The aesthetics are cartoony, nothing like other games that use the undead.  If you are expecting Dead Island or Resident Evil then well, look elsewhere.  This is more along the lines of Warner Bros meets Family Guy or Simpsons style undead.  There are skeletons and other undead trappings but they are family friendly versions.

Players that take the deadly plunge will have a unique experience.  Other games that use this variation of solitaire often don’t go for the morbid edge.  That helps set Forgotten Tales apart from the competition.  There are not many family friendly games that use skeletons and various other undead trappings- I think it is a missed market.  Not everyone is interested in just blasting zombies and the dead with ammunition and other ways of dismemberment.

I plan on doing a review of Forgotten Tales – Day of the Dead soon as I really enjoy these types of games.

Forgotten Tales- Day of the Dead by Green Sauce Games
Genre: Cards, solitaire
Platform: PC via Steam
In App Purchases: No
Available now on Steam

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