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Recently, I watched the movie Inside out for the first time. It was a wonderful movie with a very good lesson for young children these days. The lesson being, that all emotions are important in order for life to be enjoyed to its fullest; this is one aspect of humanity that most of us adults have, yet to learn. But, Inside Out holds a much darker secret that people have perhaps not considered. A secret so dark that it could alter the way we perceive Disney and the Andersen family forever. For us to understand what this particular secret is we must first take a look at the Andersen family.


Take a look at the parents, now quickly glance at Riley. Spot anything unusual about this family? I’ll give you two guesses, and they are both wrong. What is wrong is how both parents have brown eyes/hair, and Riley has Blonde hair (granted it’s dirty blonde) and blue eyes. How can anyone explain this? Oh, but I know what you’re thinking right now. Dash you know recessive genes can alter the eyes of the offspring. But, the problem with that explanation was that I actually did the math. It turns out that Riley’s chances of inheriting that particular combination were lower than the chances of you winning the jackpot (which is a real shame really). The best part is, I can prove this with SCIENCE!


Yes, indeed the chance of having blue eyes from both brunettes’ parents is 7.5% to a whopping 14% probability of it happening. But, what is worse is that statistically speaking she would have a better chance of having green eyes if even one of the grandparents had green. You might argue that maybe each set of grandparents might have had one member with light colored eyes, but I checked this possibility as well, and all it did was return me with an error. You can’t have a child with brown eyes if both parents had light colored eyes according to this program. So at the best case scenario one grandparent in each side of Riley’s family tree had blue eyes. But, that’s a very big if, and perhaps it means something different all together; perhaps Mrs. Andersen wasn’t as in love with her husband as we were led to believe in the end of the film. If Jill’s memories serves correct then maybe she gave up more than just a sexy Brazilian helicopter pilot (SBHP for short)  in exchange of Mr. Andersen. If this is the case, I propose that Inside out has a much darker back story than we are led to believe.

Yes, Inside Out’s obscure back story is of one Jill (no maiden name given) actually being impregnated by another man which she dated after the SBHP who left her after the pressures of fatherhood proved too much for his life. Distraught by this twisted turn of events, Jill fell into a severe depression which led to Sadness taking over as her head emotion (I suspect previously that Joy might have been her head emotion as well). During this time in her life she met Bill, who promised to take care of her and the baby in exchange for her hand in marriage. But, this secretly manifested in him as resentment, this negative emotion seethed inside of him quietly making anger his lead head emotion. But, as time went along, and he started understanding his role as a father (it is indeed who raises you, not who conceives that is a true father) he came to accept his situation. Both, Jill and Bill came to eventually come to terms with their past and as such with the maturity that age brings managed to organize their emotions into a well-managed center of operations (if you notice their emotions don’t bounce around the place as much as Riley’s with her being a kid and all).

By the time the movie begins, both of Riley’s parents have settled into their roles, and their past doesn’t hold them back that much. But, it does cause Jill some concerns about her previous relationships and at times when she’s unhappy with her marriage she recedes back to the times when Sexy Brazilian Helicopter Pilots paid attention to her. Jill is reminded of a much more carefree time, without any of the responsibilities that being a housewife bring. Bill on the other hand recedes into memories of a time when he was a sports geek, and would replay the times when his team won in his head. Riley, subconsciously senses this, and it’s not because of what her mother told her near the beginning of the film. No, kids are extremely perceptive, and Riley subconsciously feels the tension underneath her parent’s facade. This is in turn what makes Joy her head emotion because she has to be the one to cheer the family up in order to ease their own internal struggles. They are all living in a masquerade of happiness which in the end might destroy them. But, until we get a truly grim sequel of Inside Out where my theory is confirmed, all we can do is guess who truly Riley’s biological father was.

Now, I know some will say that perhaps she was adopted, but this can’t be since we saw her wrapped in the pink towel they give out in Hospitals, however we never actually did see her birth, and Jill looked rather well for someone who had just given birth. This might be a separate theory all on its own. Perhaps neither of Riley’s biological parents were present in the film. But, this would not explain the parents head emotion theory as well. Until this is disproved though all we can say with a good degree of certainty is that Bill is NOT the father (Thank you Maury).

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** Edit 2**


Some fans of the community have taken up arms defending the movie and trying to discredit my theory which is pretty clearly meant to be a bit satirical in nature. By linking me to the website I actually used as a source while writing this, and to prove it I took some screen shots. This article was published on August 1st and here is the date last visited, website, and picture of the eye color calculator error when you try to do the specific combination they are arguing about:

I had a lot of fun coming up with this theory my dear readers, remember everything that is written here is copyrighted to the author of this blog, and I just hope you guys enjoyed peering into the twisted mind of a sailor with a lot to say. Feel free to comment and leave a like.

I really enjoyed this movie and it made me teary eyes quite a few times because of how well I could relate to Riley and her feelings of melancholy/sadness at moving. Do watch it if you haven’t it’s truly worth the price of admission.

Since everyone keeps bothering me about it here is the one source I used for this article:


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