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Could Xbox Game Streaming Hit Windows Phone Soon?

It is interesting that we are seeing a lot of naysayers claiming the Windows Phone platform is dead.  Sure, it may seem that way if you don’t own one.  The sales are down for devices, doesn’t help that there are no new devices lately.  I have seen a complete lack of Windows Phones at AT&T stores and Wal-Mart locations near me when previously, there were at least a few at each.  It seems Windows Phone is in dire straits now.  That is why it is so interesting to have just learned that Microsoft may be bringing Xbox game streaming to their Windows Phone platform soon.  The question is, is this enough to turn their mobile fortunes around?

It seems that some users of Windows 10 Mobile devices are seeing a “play from console” message on certain games when using the Xbox Beta app.  This is interesting as it could mean that Microsoft is planning on enabling streaming of Xbox One titles to Windows Phone devices that are running Windows 10 Mobile.  Currently user “eric5949” on Reddit has yet to get it working but he has posted some interesting screenshots giving curious error messages.

Recently at Build it was announced that Windows 10 Mobile phones will be able to use the Xbox One controller for playing games.  Then we see this about the Xbox Beta App and well, it is easy to think that we will eventually see streaming of Xbox One titles to your Windows 10 Mobile device.  It cannot be that hard to do as Sony has it working between Xperia phones and tablets and their Playstation 4 console.

If Microsoft is indeed planning to integrate their mobile product with the console market like this then it could be a boost they need.  Right now, Windows Phone is in some bad situations as far as getting people to buy it and use it.

Would streaming Xbox One games to Windows Phone urge you to buy the device?  Or will you wait for the inevitable release of this app for Android and possibly for iOS too?

Carl Williams

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