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Verizon Introduces New Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Verizon is known for being the more expensive option when it comes to prepaid plans.  The cost of a monthly plan with one gig of data on Verizon is routinely the same price as competitor AT&T at two gigs per month.  It is interesting to note though, at the top-tier of 5 gigs per month on prepaid plans, both services are similarly priced.  This discrepancy is only really evident in the cheapest plans between Verizon and AT&T.  Recently the big red mobile provider has moved to change that image for the better.

Presumably these changes in data structure within their prepaid plans is to become more competitive against T-Mobile and AT&T- both offering better prepaid plans.  I say better as far as price for what you get in return- your coverage may only be compatible with one provider which sucks.  For myself, in central Arkansas, we really only have a choice between AT&T and Verizon.  Everything else (T-Mobile, Sprint, etc) are spotty with service, at best, and downright nothing at worse.

The new plans from Verizon are as follows:
$30 a month, no data but you get unlimited talk and unlimited texting to the United States, Mexico and Canada.

$45 a month, 3 gigs of data and unlimited talk to the United States and unlimited talk and text to Mexico, USA and Canada.  This plan is with autopay.  If you are not enrolling in autopay then you will receive 2 gigs of data.

$60 a month now gets you the same talk and text plans as above but also unlimited talk to Mexico and Canada now PLUS 6 gigs of data if you enroll in autopay.  If you are not enrolled in autopay you will receive 5 gigs of data (formerly this plan was about $50 a month- it has been increased if my memory serves me).

Notice that?  If you enroll in autopay you will receive an extra gig of data per month.  While it is not a lot, it is better than nothing (remember when data was measured in megabytes?).  I am interested in seeing how AT&T responds to this change in Verizon prepaid plans.

For the record, I use AT&T prepaid service because I like to switch phones by simply swapping sim cards.  I also feel that in the prepaid phone market, AT&T has the better options for devices versus Verizon.

Source: Verizon

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