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Verizon Gives Customers Two Gigs Free Data, With Key Limitations

It is not often that we hear about Verizon giving away anything.  I could easily attribute that statement to just about any business in today’s world though.  With Verizon it is even more surprising considering their high-priced consumer options.  Well, this summer, certain customers can get an extra two gigs of data on their plans.  This is of course after those consumers complete a couple of steps.  Strangely, this involves competing mobile payment option – Android Pay.

Years ago, Verizon had their own mobile payment option, it was called Isis.  After things got bad for that name, they wisely changed it to Softcard.  Google around this time was working on, and launched, their own mobile payment option – Google Wallet.  Verizon did their best kill Google Wallet on their Android phones.  Google recently ended Google Wallet, or are about to- users should have received the message by now.

Now we have Android Pay, the spiritual successor to Google Wallet and all of a sudden, Verizon is on board.  This is an interesting turn of events considering the backstory of both companies’ previous payment options.

Ah well, the point is now and the future, right?  I mean, companies would love for consumers to forget the past and just focus on the here and now.

With that in mind, let’s discuss the stipulations on this current offer from Verizon.  First, you must have an active post-paid account on the “standard” or “More Everything” plans.  Second, you must activate Android Pay on a Verizon phone (at which time you receive one free gig of data).  Third, you must use Android Pay at least three times, no minimum, purchasing something to get a second gig of free data.  How awesome is Verizon for doing that?

Not very.  Here is why.

In that document, they have a loophole to get out of this deal.  You must sign up by June 13th to qualify for this promotion.  Next, you must use the extra data by July 13th, or lose it when your account returns to normal data levels.

Yep.  This offer is only good for a few months, if I am reading that document right, of extra data for using Android Pay.  Why not make this a permanent option as long as one transaction per month is made through Android Pay?

Source: Verizon

Carl Williams

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  • ephoenix6
    • Carl Williams

      For the moment, if you have a compatible device that Google Fi is definitely an interesting option. For me though, even if I had a compatible device, both T-Mobile and Sprint are less than stellar here in Arkansas. For me it is either AT&T or Verizon since I travel the state quite a bit. If I was in one of the larger cities for 99% of my work/fun then both T-Mobile and Sprint would be viable options.

      That is great that Google Fi charges like that though. Thanks for the link. Maybe in the future it will be a viable option for people like myself.

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