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Stop idolizing Kim Davis. She is no hero.

For gays, she is the defiant County Clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. To Christians, she is a hero, a modern day martyr (minus the killing). But if you dig deeper into her background, you will see who she truly is, a woman who picks and choses the parts of the bible that she wants to obey, or follow. She disobeys the fact that you shouldn’t wear two different types of cloth, get divorced, or love your neighbor as you love yourself. Being a County Clerk doesn’t give you the right to judge people or deny services based on your religious belief, because the oath you took when you took office said different.  Federal law states that gay marriage is legal, and that states must abide by this law and issue marriage licenses to couples who want to get married. Gay couples are the same as everyone else.

They meet, fall in love, get married, and in some circumstances have children. What is more wrong than this? The fact that she was forgiven for her sins, including her divorces and having children out of wedlock makes no sense. But no, Christians tried to have her removed from office because she wouldn’t sign the licenses. There is no color chart for sins if you are a Christian. Either you sin, or you don’t. There is no in between. I don’t agree with the fact that she went to jail over this, but I do believe that that this should have been handled at a local level, instead of taking it to the Supreme Court. She wanted her 15 minutes, she wanted her publicity, and she got it.  But she can’t continue to do her job with this attitude toward homosexuals.

Freedom of religion allows us to worship whoever we want. Gay bashing seems to be a big deal with Christians.  “You shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house” as the old saying goes. Worship in church. Worship at home, Go door to door and witness to people. But do not bring it into our government. There are way too many other things to be concerned about, besides this. This is not a Christian nation. It’s a nation, it’s a nation of all different religions and nationalities. This means we need to all come together and stop bickering over who has the best god. No one descended from the sky and told anyone that they had the authority to judge anyone because of their religious beliefs, or sexual orientation, regardless of what they are.

What homosexuals do, doesn’t affect you in the slightest bit. They never protest straight people, or protest Christianity. You can make an argument about homosexuality all day, and I am Atheist, but I believe if god were to come down to earth, he would not say “persecute the gays”. Because in the end, what you do in your personal life is your business, not anyone else’s. Kim Davis took the bible, read the part about homosexuality, misinterpreted it, and used it to make herself semi-famous. Hatred is treating people different because they believe different than you. Being Christian is loving and helping no matter what. The problem with people like Kim Davis, is that they are allegedly “forgiven” for their sins, but a criminal, or a homosexual cannot be forgiven for theirs and therefore, are not accepted by straight people. Most anyway. Child Molesters, people who condone discrimination and hatred are not Christians.

What Kim Davis did, was violate Federal law, and had it been me or you, we would have been in prison as well. Stop idolizing Kim Davis. She is no hero. She is just a hateful person. She doesn’t deserve a big welcome home committee. She deserves to lose her job, since she can no longer do it. Do the job you were sworn or hired to do. And leave the religion at the door.

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