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Five Women Who Could Replace Eva Marie in Summer Slam Match

Recently Eva Marie was put on a 30 suspension for failing the wellness policy that the WWE has in place.  The problem with her suspension is that she was already billed as a participant in a six women tag team match this Sunday at Summer Slam.  Since it is unlikely that the WWE would turn […]

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Suspended for Failing Wellness Policy

Recently there have been a rash of failed wellness policy events in the WWE.  This is getting a little disconcerting as one of these competitors was scheduled to make her in ring debut after the brand split at Summer Slam this weekend.  Right now though, this article is about a two time World Heavyweight Champion […]

WWE Suspends Non Wrestling Female Competitor for Failing Wellness Policy

When you are a wrestler under contract with the WWE you would think that competing in the ring would be just part of the job.  Recently, after the brand split, we have seen one particular female wrestler not actually compete yet.  Unfortunately, after weeks of building up her debut since the brand split we will […]

WWE Suspends Former Diva’s Champion

It is not always fun and games around here at the Gravis Ludus offices.  Sometimes we have to bring bad news to our readers.  Today, we have learned that the WWE have had to suspend a former WWE Diva’s champion for failing the wellness policy for her first time. Carl WilliamsIt is time gaming journalism […]

Shelton Benjamin Returning on Smackdown Live

If you were a fan of WWE back in the early 2000’s then you probably remember Shelton Benjamin.  He had a good 10 year or so run in the WWE, first as part of the World’s Greatest Tag Team with Charlie Haas as part of “Team Angle”.  Kurt Angle was the leader/mentor of this faction […]

WWE Post Draft Could Bombard Championship Titles on Fans

This last Monday Night, WWE’s Monday Night Raw stated they would be running a tournament for the new WWE Universal Championship.  It is interesting to note they did not simply re-introduce the WWE version of the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) title as the new title and have a tournament for that.  Couple this with the […]

WWE Raw Smackdown Live Draft Aftermath

This last Tuesday night, on the debut episode of WWE Smackdown Live, we saw the 2016 WWE Draft.  There were a few surprises and I was proven right in some others from my previous article.  Overall the 2016 WWE Draft was different.  It brought back some almost forgotten guys and girls and broke other groups […]

WWE Reveal Smackdown Live and Monday Night Raw Logos

It is interesting that people are up in arms over the new logos for the two leading WWE programs.  I can see some of the anger over the Monday Night Raw logo- it is rather bad but that new Smackdown Live logo is decent.  All in all, I am amazed that fans are mad over […]

WWE Draft Rules Revealed, Splits Already Evident

The WWE has just released the rules for the upcoming WWE Draft that will commence on the first live episode of WWE Smackdown.  The move to a live show also marks the move of Smackdown from Thursday nights to Tuesday nights (the time it actually happens).  This draft is the latest in attempts at bringing […]

What Roman Reigns Drug Test Failure Could Mean for His Career

It is no secret that right after the recent WWE Pay Per View (PPV), Money in the Bank, that the WWE World Heavyweight Champion going, Roman Reigns, had failed a drug test.  He was allowed to compete not only at the PPV but also on the following nights Monday Night Raw show.  The drug failure […]

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