Don’t Breath Review – Psychological Thriller with Horror Trappings

The blind are often viewed as disabled and requiring help to make it through life.  Don’t Breath takes that notion and turns it on its head in a unique way.  Viewed as a vulnerable victim, the blind man, an Army veteran, here is quite capable of not only living a full life but also defending his home in a dilapidating Detroit neighborhood.  Three thieves, each with their own goals from the fruits of their actions, decide to break into the blind Army vets home and clean him out.  As with most things in life, this plan does not go well for the thieves.  They should have stopped at the locked entrances but they didn’t.

Starting off, Don’t Breath is not so much a horror movie but more a thriller with horror trappings.  There are some scenes where the blind man displays some amazingly well planned movement throughout his home that provide shocks but far from “horror” actions.  I know, I know, a blind person can quickly adapt to their environment especially if that world changes very little as time goes on- such as a home they live in day after day.

There are some shocking scenes in Don’t Breath such as scary accurate actions by the blind Army veteran.  Near misses are abound as he only pinpoints the thieves when they make noise so this sets up A LOT of tense moments throughout the movie.  Personally I enjoyed the movie overall- there was not a ton of blood and there was more psychological scares than there was gore.

If you are sick of blood and gore fests in theaters and prefer your scares more along the lines of Alfred Hitchcock then you will definitely see a lot of value in Don’t Breath.  Fans of Friday the 13th or Rob Zombie’s 31 will probably be bored to tears with this one.

Carl Williams

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