Shut In Looks Like it’s a One to Watch

Shut In is a horror/thriller movie which will hit the big screens on the 11th of November. If you have yet to see the trailer for this movie then I recommend that you do. It’s just such a shame that it won’t be released for Halloween. To discover why this movie is on my “must watch list” then carry on reading.

The movie is about a Female child psychologist who loses her husband in a tragic car accident. Also in the car accident was her son Steven, who survived only to be left paralyzed. His disabilities force him to require around the clock care and his poor mother to become isoltated in their home.

From what I can tell from the trailer she has within her care a young boy needing her help after his mom died. She takes the boy in instead of him having to be moved to Boston. He walks out the house during a deadly storm and he is never seen again… or is he? Cut off from the outside world due to the storm, she starts to believe someone is inside her house trying to harm them.

The trailer cuts to Mary watching a news report on the TV, where they say the boy couldn’t have survived the sudden drop in temperatures. Stricken with guilt, she thinks she see’s the boy in her passage way while she’s taking a bath, she creeps downstairs and notices the cupboard under the stairs is a jar. When she tries to open it, hands appear from the other side of the door and grab her. Safe to say I nearly jumped out my skin!

Scratches begin to appear on her son’s face and shadows start to creep around the house. The trailer then cuts to a boy’s hand covering her mouth while she lies in bed. If you think my synopsis of this movie is awesome then watch the trailer below. I will be watching this movie in November, and can’t wait.




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