Pretty Little Liars I. Marline King Gives Us a Taste of Whats to Come in 7B

Calling all Pretty Little Liars Fans I. Marline King has been giving away teasers as to whats to come in the finale ever season 7B. We were all left shocked when Spencer was shot, and even more so when Mary Drake cradled her, confessing to being Spencer’s Mother. We have all heard that there is news of weddings, and deaths but who?

Although, the finale season is months away, I. Marline King has been going crazy with tweeted teasers to keep fans gripped on whats to come.  She first set the ball of teasers when she tweeted this little message…

“When I was writing the pilot I tweeted u lines along the way. So let’s share the series finale 2gether,” she .

With the lines she tweets next I will be sure to listen out for them in the next and final installment, Make it like a Pretty Little Liars game of bingo so to speak. So who is willing to take on the challenge with me? So she stuck to her word and began to tweet upcoming lines, here is the first little teaser…

 A line from Toby (Keegan Allen): “I used to know a girl who liked to say ‘hope breeds eternal misery.'” Awww.

Could these possibly be wedding vows which Toby is saying to Spencer. Eeek we can only hope! I would love to see the two back together as they obviously still have stong feelings for each other. Will the near deaths of the two make them see sence about their feelings for one another, therefore leading them into the vows of marriage?

I. Marline King did not stop there because she came at us with this not so

“If you don’t stop looking at me like that, I’m never going to be able to say my vows without the ugly cry.”

That is sooooo obviously Hannah, as the words are in the clue of the “ugly cry” line. As we know the Hannah and Caleb got back together,and it looks like wedding bells for these two also. Well there was rumors going around about two weddings, so it looks like marline king has just given us some in site into that one.

With her final teaser tweet I’m kind of unsure who the line could belong too but as a stab in the dark, i would say Spencer. Who do you guys think?

“It’s like when you finish a book and you don’t want it to end. Even if  the characters are happy, you’re still sad that it’s ending.”

“Appropriately the last one for now. Time to write write write,” she .

Hmm now you can see why this one has confused me a little, but as always I have my own theory. Toby and his girlfriend split, and Toby feels bad about the break up maybe. So Spencer gives him this line as words of comfort? Whats your theories? I would love to hear them.




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