Why Daniel Craig has Been the Best 007 Agent so far.

As we know Daniel Craig is done playing the suit wearing agent James Bond. A new “00” agent is to be picked to take over the new role, but not before the producer of the movie tries to get her claws in to him and get him to stay for one last movie. So what makes this James Bond actor the best we have had?

There have been many debates over the years as to who the best actor to play James Bond is. For me its a no brainer that Daniel Craig deserves the crown. Many will agree with me just as many will dis-agree. Why not let me know in the comments who you think deserves to be crowned the best 007 agent of all time? Lets look at why I think Daniel deserves the honor more than any others before.

He Starred in the Best Ever Installment of the Franchise:

Although Spectre was a great movie, it still doesn’t compare to Skyfall, a “00” movie that is now widely considered by many fans to be the best James Bond movie so far.

Believable Player:

Bond was, and always will be a player! I have no doubt that women would be lining up to spend time with the agent but Craig seems to be the first 007 that is not really abusing his position. He seems to be a lot more focused on his spy duties than he does the ladies.

He’s the Best Looking Bond:

Daniel has a chiselled chin, just the right amount of muscle, and stunningly beautiful eyes make him the best looking to date.

He Makes the Character Feel More Real:

Even though Daniel’s Bond traps scorpions in pint glasses at beach resorts, he seems about the most approachable of the Bonds. He manages to get cuts and bruises from his escapades and ends up with a dirty shirt unlike Pierce.

Its going to be a sad day when his role is taken over by a new “00” agent but he will always be undoubtably the best “00” agent ever. Lets keep our fingers crossed that the producer can get him to do just one more flick. I will leave you with the Spectre Car Chase Scene Aston Martin DB10 & Jaguar CX7.





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