Pokemon GO Live Streaming Player Robbed, Streaming Service Suspends Player’s Account in Response

You know it is a bad day when your streaming account is suspended for situations out of your control.  Now, imagine that you were just mugged and beaten while streaming and THAT is the reason your account was suspended.  That is what happened to a Twitch live streaming gamer recently.  Good on you, Twitch, for being jerks in this situation.

online, was heading to a popular Pokemon GO spawn area near Grand Army Plaza near Prospect Park in New York.  Mr. Yaneza had been live streaming for just over a week when this incident occurred.  The whole thing was caught live on the Twitch streaming service.

The assailant can be seen coming up from behind Mr. Yaneza and then attacks with what appears to be a blow to the back of the head.  After his victim is on the ground the assailant adds a little more brutal reminders to the situation before taking Mr. Yaneza’s possessions.  Among those possessions were a cell phone that was still live streaming to Twitch as the mugger made his getaway.  This whole event was caught on video as the Twitch audience watched in disbelief.

“He literally just sucker punched me,” Yaneza told Kotaku. “My right jaw is swollen. He clotheslined me with his fist. I hit the ground. I have a bump on my head and a scratch on my elbow.”

Mr. Yaneza’s Twitch account was suspended for “non-gaming content”.  Wow, Twitch, just wow.

Now, keep in mind that this tragic event happened in New York’s Prospect Park at about 10 to 11 pm New York time on September 18th.  Now, I am not a night owl kind of guy but that seems like an odd hour to be out playing Pokemon GO in any city.

Please, if you are playing any game, particularly Pokemon GO at odd hours, or any hour for that matter, please be aware of your surroundings.  These types of events can happen at any time to anyone.

Carl Williams

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