Who Could Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke Play in Mary Poppins Returns

Fans of the original Mary Poppins have been very excited, due to the latest reports of Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke possibly joining the new cast of Mary Poppins Returns. The question on everyone’s lips is, what role could the original duo actually be in the movie? Well, I’m here to give you some of my theories on the matter.

Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke were the leading roles in the amazing 1964 movie Mary Poppins. They played the roles of the magical nanny, and her cockney, street performing friend Bert. So who could they possibly be in the movie Mary Poppins Returns?

Story tellers:

Maybe they will come back as grandparents, telling their grandchildren about the magical adventures of Mary Poppins. It’s a possibility right? And considering the new movie is based loosely on the Mary Poppins’ books, it would kind of make sense.


Maybe they are going to be somewhere in the back ground, and we will have to look closely to see them.

Big roles:

Maybe Julie Andrews will take the role of one of the Banks family’s maids, therefore still being a big part of the movie. Also Dick Van Dyke could end up as one of the admirals that lived across the street.

Who knows where they are going to place the original duo, but no matter what way you look at it, it’s going to be pretty epic. I for one am really looking forward to the new movie Mary Poppins Returns, which will be released in December 2018. They are aiming for a December release due to the original being released 23rd December nearly 5 decades ago.

Mary Poppins returns cast will also include:

Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins

Meryl Streep as topsy

Lin-Manuel Miranda as Jack

And it also rumoured that Ben Whishaw will be playing the role of Michael.



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