Titanfall Frontline Mixes Mech’s with Card Collecting

Are you a fan of Titanfall?  Yeah, the action game with giant mechs and shooting.  Well, forget all of that stuff as you check out Titanfall Frontline, a collectible card game (CCG).  Not a whole lot is available about the actual gameplay of Titanfall Frontline but it is probably safe to say that it is quite similar to other collectible card games.  This one has just entered a soft launch (Little Rock, Arkansas, United States is not in the area).

Titanfall Frontline pits you as a Bridge Commander with the requirement to do battle with cards in head to head or real time gameplay.  Cards include Pilots, Titans and Burn Cards among many others.  As with most collectible card games there are leaderboards and tons of opponents available to test your mettle against.

This one is a collaboration between Respawn Entertainment and Particle City.  One thing that sets Titanfall Frontline from other CCG games is the fact that you can take direct control of your Titan or let the computer handle the dirt work.  The choice is yours.  Cards are upgradable and customizable as you can afford and see fit.  This adds a fair bit of strategy and planning in your game as depending on the situation, you may have a landslide victory on your hands or a long drawn out battle that features sides percentages apart.

While I am a huge fan of giant mechs I am not all that terribly interested in collectible card games.  I tried getting into them with Magic the Gathering and Pokemon Trading Card Game back in the day but just couldn’t do it.  I am not holding out a lot of hope for Titanfall Frontline but will at least try it at launch.

Titanfall Frontline by Nexon M Inc
Genre: Collectible Card Game
Platform: Android and iPhone
In App Purchases: Yes, it is a collectible card game afterall
Rated: E 10+ for Everyone 10 years and older on Google Play
Available now on (limited launch area) full launch due this fall

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