Rad Rogers Brings Platformers Back on Playstation 4 and PC via Kickstarter

Side scrolling action platform games were once the kings of gaming.  This was around the 16-Bit era and as progress was made in hardware this once proud genre slowly withered and gave way to 3D platformers.  While there are the occasional 2D side scrolling action games that come out, they are not as prominent as they once were in gaming.  Rad Rogers is one that caught my eye as soon as I saw it- this is something unique and it is coming to Playstation 4 and PC.

Frederik Schreiber, Creative Director on Rad Rodgers: “I grew up during the platformer’s glory days, with Mario, Sonic, Megaman, Castlevania, and Earthworm Jim. Back then a new platformer came out every month, each with different fun characters and twists. But now the genre is mostly abandoned, with rare standouts like Braid, and the puzzle-focused Limbo.”

As you can see there, these guys grew up playing the greats and it shows in their work on Rad Rogers.  2D side scrolling action platformer powered by the Unreal Engine 4.  Sign me up now.

Scott Miller, Founder of Apogee and 3D Realms: “Apogee used to rule the top ten PC shareware and sales charts in the early 90’s with our platformer releases, like Duke Nukem, Commander Keen, Cosmo, and a dozen others. The idea of developing a similar style game with today’s tech is extremely appealing to me. So while the Apogee brand is under completely new management, we can still involve key talent at 3D Realms to co-produce Rad Rogers, and give Interceptor the right design guidance to ensure that the game lives up to the high standards of the platformers’ golden era.”

Again, people that were there back in the day creating these games.  That is what we need again- these guys are partnering with the right companies.

Jacob Østergaard, Lead Designer on Rad Rodgers: “To make sure Rad Rogers is not just a modern rehash of old-school platformers, we’re adding several super cool features never seen in a platformer, all designed to power-up the fun factor. First off, Rad’s console companion, Dusty, loves to break the fourth wall, talking about the game itself, and to the player! This often confuses Rad, but Rad just thinks Dusty has lost his marbles.”

This is what sets Rad Rogers for the Playstation 4 and Windows computers apart- that little “edge” that a good platformer needs to bring in fans.

Head over to Kickstarter to show some support for this.  Maybe we can get more like it!

Carl Williams

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