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Yet Another Remake – Police Academy – Really?

So the more I actually look around on the Web, the more I find that some amazing classics once again are being touched and twisted. To touch a movie such as Police Academy though should be a god damn crime to say the least. Why would anyone think these movies need a reboot?

So as always lets recap the original:

The year was 1984 and the mayor had removed all personal requirements to join the police force. No longer was sex, weight, height or any thing else for that matter a reason not to become an officer of the law. The Police Academy series follows a group of misfit wannabe cops in their quest to become officers. The first film of the series follows these wannabe officers in their time at the Police Academy.

The main focus is on a petty criminal known as Mahoney. He is busted for criminal damage and as punishment is made to attend the Police Academy. He feels that this isn’t the right place for him, and makes it his mission to be thrown out which causes no end of laughs and fun to say the very least. As the classes continue and the training exercises start, Mahoney soon realizes he is actually enjoying the academy and wants to become a police officer after all.

We are also introduced to the gun-crazed Tackelberry, the very tall Hightower, voluptuous Callahan, squeaky voiced Hooks, human beat box and sound effects master Jones, and the ever confused Commandant Lessard. This group soon become good friends and become the base for the rest of the series of films.

I will ask again, why on earth does this movie need touched?

The remake:

Not much is known about the remake that is about to be taking place but it has been up for discussion for a very long time now. Apparently Scott Zabielski, a little-known PD who has mainly worked in TV, was attached to the remake when it was first announced in 2010, but is no longer connected. Perhaps he realised he should leave the movie alone, maybe? Or that you can’t perfect perfection?

Key and Peele, a comedy double act famous for their Comedy Central sketch show were announced to be doing the reboot along with original producer Paul Maslansky. Although there’s been no mention yet of a possible cast, Maslansky’s promised The Hollywood Reporter that the remake would be completely re-cast with up-comers and great comedians.

Personally I say do not touch! Whats your guys’ opinions on this?


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