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Live Action The Little Mermaid

Ok, ok so maybe this Disney remake may not be all that bad if its done right. Who knows with this one we may also have a box office smasher. Everyone who is anyone has seen Disney’s The little mermaid and enjoyed it.

Can you believe the little mermaid live action movie hasn’t been thought of sooner when already in the works is Dumbo, Maleficent 2, Cruella and the new mary Poppins. But as of now have no fear Disney fans old and young as its now in the works.

Deadline reports that the amazing childhood movie is in the early stages of developing a live action version of the 1989 classic, though this may be more of a return to Hans Christian Anderson’s original fairy tale.

whats not to love about this fantastic news we are going to see our beloved Arial (the most famous mermaid in history) come to life literally.

Chloe Mortez is to be said to be playing Arial’s part. Many have argued the point and rightly so that the actress is not a red-head and its said she will not be having her locks died for the part. Come on arial as a blonde, that just aint right now is it?

Imagine her wriggling her toes when she first sees her feet but with blonde hair. It just doesn’t add up. Chloe confirmed this earth-shattering news in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. After being asked if she was preparing to dye her locks, Chloe said:

“No – I want red hair! We’re going over the Hans Christian Andersen novels, so I’ll actually have blonde hair.”

Let’s hope they won’t make any other unnecessary changes, like turning Sebastian into a shark or something. Let’s try not to ruin our entire childhoods forever.


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