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GPD XD Android Gaming Series – Soul Calibur

Soul Calibur, a title that hit the Dreamcast and was quite the show piece for selling more than a couple of systems is now on Android and iOS. Namco have been pretty mum on this title hitting and it was quite a surprise to see it, this is not a simple 8 or 16-Bit title that is ported using an emulator. Soul Calibur is quite detailed, runs great and probably shouldn’t look this good- at least looking at the competition and what has come before on Android and iOS, SC is light years ahead.

Soul Calibur on the JXD S7300 is quite a show, this IS the arcade game in your hands and using physical buttons. I immediately took Taki out for a run, then realizing I needed to have some variety moved over to Mitsurugi for a few levels. I was a huge Soul Blade (on PSOne) fan, even bought the special Namco controller with it. I bought a Dreamcast for Soul Calibur (and the other great titles) even though I was not a fighting game fan (I am into a finite collection of fighters but not much outside of that exclusive grouping).

Android Soul Calibur

Up front, the GPD XD has screen mapping capabilities- so does the Nvidia Shield if you have the latest update. This little tidbit makes Soul Calibur so freaking cool. The onscreen buttons are still there but are not needed which leaves more screen space for seeing the action going on. Moves come out nice and easy, just like they did on Sega’s ill fated machine. Seeing this game running on a quad core machine with two gigs of RAM and a nice five inch screen is something amazing. Playing it where ever you want is just icing on the cake. The computer, in later stages, is just as cheap as it was in the past.

Man, what can I say that is not better conveyed in pictures? The controls are spot on, the sound and music are awesome and the announcer is still around calling the winner and loser after the matches.

Many people will complain about the controls, those people are playing on a touch only device- which doing so on the GPD XD gave me some troubles. Problems with the touch screen were not due to hardware problems but due to the fact that my fingers would drift from the onscreen buttons. I would not realize that fact and would be trying to call a sword swing while my character was kicking like her life depended on it.

Soul Calibur on Android and using the GPD XD is just like having the arcade game in your hands. The more powerful your hardware, the better.  Now, Namco, let’s talk about getting a proper Tekken game on Android.

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