Review- Ghostbusters Slime City Updates Hogan’s Alley for Modern Gamers

It is no secret that the new Ghostbusters movie is polarizing.  Apparently there are people that love it and then there are people that have not seen it but are crapping on it anyhow.  I have not seen the movie yet, plan on seeing it this weekend actually, so I cannot say either way about the quality of it.  Besides, this is a review of Ghostbusters Slime City which seems to tie into the movie a little bit (some of the female characters appear here and Ecto-1 is different from the original).  The real question is, do you remember Hogan’s Alley on the Nintendo Entertainment System?

I ask about Hogan’s Alley because that is essentially what we have here in Ghostbusters Slime City.  That is not a knock at this game so please don’t think it is.  In fact, in my book and that of a lot of retro gaming fans, that is a compliment.  Hogan’s Alley, while simple, is remembered as iconic and entertaining.  Ghostbusters Slime City gives the best shot at replicating that fun we had nearly 30 years ago but on Android and iPhones.

For some of us, Ghostbusters Slime City is a game in a genre reminder of fun days gone by.

Ghostbusters Slime City adds quite a few additional modern trappings to keep fans interest.  First, there is a whole city to patrol, make safe and battle ghosts.  There are mini games to break up the shooting action and there are even Fruit Ninja style activities.  These all take place at regular intervals between levels full of shooting ghosts.  Much like any good rails/tower defense shooter you are limited in ammunition and will have to reload regularly.  This game is no different.  There are sometimes branching levels with different goals to accomplish.

Activision did good on this one.  Ghostbusters Slime City is free but has In App Purchases.  Just enjoy it, we don’t get many games this fun especially licensed ones.

Ghostbusters Slime City by Activision
Genre: Rail shooter/tower defense
Platform: Android and Windows Phone
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play and 12+ on iTunes
Available now on and the iTunes App Store

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