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Sherlock Holmes- Devil’s Daughter Releases in United Kingdom June 10th

Sherlock Holmes is an iconic character that is nearly timeless.  With each new generation that comes forward, he is revisited and revered by many.  Fans of the detective that are also gamers on Playstation 4 and Xbox One will definitely be excited about the latest news.  If you are in the United Kingdom that is.  The eighth game in the series by PQube Games launches on June 10th.

Sherlock Holmes- Devil’s Daughter is not the classic point and click games that we saw on PC and back in the 90’s.  No, this game is fully 3D and you are in direct control over the detective and his actions.  See a table in a room and want to look at the items laying on it?  Walk over to it and examine them with minutia.  See a stranger down the street and think he might know something?  Walk to him and start a conversation.

Forget clunky point and click interfaces of yesteryear, Devil’s Daughter puts you in direct control of Sherlock.

That is the biggest change of pace for fans like me.  The last Sherlock Holmes game I played was the Case of the Serrated Scalpel on 3DO.  That game featured full motion video actors playing various parts in the game.  The interface was the standard, for the time, point and click model.  It was clunky but it was still interesting and challenging in many good, and some bad, ways.  A game like Sherlock Holmes- Devil’s Daughter was simply out of the question back then.  It could not have been done.

I am definitely interested in seeing if there is ever a North American release of Sherlock Holmes- Devil’s Daughter.  It would be a shame for gamers on this side of the pond to not get to enjoy this game.

Sherlock Holmes- Devil’s Daughter by PQube Games
Genre: Adventure
Platform: Xbox One and Playstation 4
Available June 10th, 2016

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