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LG Phoenix 2 Available Today on ATT GoPhone Service

New cell phones on the AT&T GoPhone plan are getting rarer and rarer.  It seems that the pre-paid service is the bastard child for AT&T.  I started using the service when I purchased an old, even worse than most GoPhone offerings, ZTE phone that had a single core processor about 3 years ago.  Since then I have purchased two Windows Phones (521 I brought over from T-Mobile and a Lumia 635 on the GoPhone service), another ZTE Android phone (dual core model about two years ago) and a ZTE Zmax 2 (current daily device).  Today, AT&T has released a new Android powered phone on the GoPhone service.  The LG Phoenix 2.  There is a problem though.

The big problem is the complete and utter lack of any quality specifications for the hardware in the press release.  The press release focuses minutely on the price ($100) and the cameras that are installed on the LG Phoenix 2.  This is a shame for people like me that are more interested in what is pushing those cameras.

A big no-no for a press release is to make the people reading it spend a good 10 minutes searching for information that should be in it.  That is what happened to me just now.  Eventually I found the specs on the asia.CNET.com website.  I know, quit bitching about having to do a search and sift through to page 2 of results to get the specs.

The LG Phoenix 2 contains:
Android 6.0 Marshmallow
5 inch screen at 1280×720
8 megapixel rear camera
5 megapixel front facing camera
1.3 GHz quad core processor
2,125 mAh battery
16GB of internal storage
1.5 GB of RAM (not sure why 2 is not standard by now)
Available in one color- Black

The specs are not super by today‚Äôs higher priced hardware standards but for GoPhone they are quite good.  I wonder why AT&T did not feature them in the press release.

The ZTE Zmax 2 is still a better phone in my eyes though the only major difference is 2 full gigs of RAM and a slightly lower price (depending on location purchased from).

The LG Phoenix 2 is supposed to be available today on ATT.com, in store and at participating retailers.

Carl Williams

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