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Maestria, Isometric Puzzle Game, Free on Google Play

There are not many isometric puzzle games available today.  Sure, we have a few here and there such as Monument Valley.  Another isometric puzzle game we can add to that short list is Maestria.  The viewpoint is about all Maestria shares with Monument Valley though.  The actual puzzles are quite different.

In Maestria you are tasked with ringing the bells around the level in a particular order.  This can get really challenging later on in the 160 levels available.  The graphics of Maestria are bright and colorful pastels that are easy on the eyes.  Don’t let this appearance fool you, Maestria is not easy to beat.

The news here is that Maestria is now free on Google Play.  For those that do not know how Google Play works.  When you drop something to free on Google Play, you cannot later raise the price again.  You can charge for something and bounce all around on the price, as long as it is not lowered to zero.

Maestria recently was lowered to “zero” dollars to purchase.  Previously it was sold for $2 and included no In App Purchases.  Released in December 2015, Maestria currently rests between 1,000 and 5,000 downloads.  There is no way to tell how many of those were paid installs though.

Maestria by Antoine Latour
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: Google Play
Rated: E for Everyone
In App Purchases: No
Available now on

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