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Brick Breaker Brings Breakout to Modern Platforms, Playstation 4 Xbox One PC

Fans of classic games will remember Breakout, either fondly or as the bane of their gaming life.  Either way, they will probably remember the title from playing it in one form or another.  I say that because is one of the more copied games in retro gaming history.  Over the years many have copied the style of Breakout and today, we have another interesting take on the one game genre (there is not a lot of variety here unless you count ).  Brick Breaker is coming to modern consoles and it is bringing more than one mode of play along for the ride.

The normal mode, called “arcade”, is just like the original Breakout.  Featuring over 100 levels to traverse, this mode is as close as you can get to the simplicity of the original.  Your paddle is on the screen, usually at the bottom, and there is a ball bouncing back and forth hitting bricks on the screen.  Simple.

Survival mode is all about beating all 100 levels with only five lives.  Good luck with that.

Versus mode offers a unique take on one on one battles.  You are tasked with bouncing the ball back to your opponent until one of your paddles breaks apart.

Rush mode has a golden brick hidden in the level somewhere.  Your job is to be the first to hit it with the ball.

Base Defense is similar to tower defense without the rigid line placement of units.  Instead, you have to protect your base from your opponents who are flinging balls at it.

It is interesting that Brick Breaker will offer up to four players at one time, in certain modes.  Also, the graphics are set to take advantage of the powerhouse platforms of today.  When a block destroyed, it doesn’t simply wash away from the screen, no, the points are awarded in a style that is reminiscent of bullet hell shooters- you have to watch the video to understand.

Brick Breaker is coming to Steam later this year but is available now on Xbox One and .

Brick Breaker by Bigben Interactive
Genre: Arcade, Breakout style multiplayer
Platform: PC (Steam), Playstation 4 and Xbox One
Rated: Probably going to be E for Everyone or 10+, somewhere around there
Available now on Xbox One and Playsation 4.  Available June 2016 for PC via Steam.

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