Review- Batman vs Superman Who Will Win on Android (and iPhone)

The movie, Batman vs Superman, despite critics and the general Internet being against it, has gone on to earn quite an eye-opening amount in its opening weeks.  This is a clear shot to movie makers that maybe fans just want something different from what we have been getting in theaters.  That or it could be like that group that attempted to derail the American Idol show by getting a massive number of votes for the worse performers.  Except this way the movie makers will drop a ton of cash on the sequel only to see it die at theaters.  No one will really know.  I can say though, the game Batman vs Superman Who Will Win probably should have been left on the drawing-room floor.

The idea of Batman vs Superman Who Will Win is pretty simple.  Take the formula of Temple Run 1 and 2, or any one of the myriad other 3D endless running games and add DC Comics’ two leading men.  The problem is, the developers have ignored what makes these types of games interesting and challenging in a good way.  Much like simply copying the idea of Super Mario Bros did not work back in the day (believe me, there were tons of copycats), it doesn’t work today.

Android Batman vs Superman Who Will Win

The animations of Batman and Superman are nice, meaning the capes both flow well in the game).  The problem I have with Batman vs Superman Who Will Win is that there is nothing fun about it.  The challenges are mostly based on poorly laid out levels with obstacles simply popping up WAY too close together.  Constantly dying because you barely hit an obstacle sucks, sucks worse when that obstacle was placed way too close to another

There are also In App Purchases to watch out for here.

Specifcs- This is one of those games that will require you to turn the on its side to play.  With that in mind, I cannot recommend Batman vs Superman Who Will Win to you if your only Android device is the .  Hell, I cannot really recommend this game to anyone.  Go play Temple Run 2 or Agent Dash or any of the many other titles that popup for “3D endless runner” in your app store of choice.

Batman vs Superman Who Will Win by Warn Bros International Enterprises
Platform: Android (version reviewed) and iPhone
Platform used for review-
Genre: 3D endless running
Rated: 10+ on Google Play and 9+ on iTunes
In App Purchases: Yes
Available now on and the iTunes App Store

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