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Evil Genome Now in Steam Greenlight Process

Earlier this year , a 2.5D side scrolling action game coming to Steam.  Well, now just a couple of months later, I am now writing it up as now going through the Steam Greenlight process.  The team at Crystal Depths have definitely been hard at work, as the new video shows a lot more than the previous video did.  Fans of darker side scrolling action games will love Evil Genome.

There are some similarities between Evil Genome and Bloodrayne (redheaded female lead in dark tight fighting outfits).  In Evil Genome there is no blood drinking but there is plenty of butt kicking action.  In the new video, embedded below, you can catch glimpses of new additions.  Some new tricks that are shown is shooting in two directions at once, new locales to explore and new original enemies to blow away.

Evil Genome is all about exploration, killing enemies with guns and range weapons and fighting bosses that take up the screen.  The developers are billing this as an updated with modern visuals 2.5D classic experience.  From the videos and the screens, I have to say, it is certainly one of the better looking Metroidvania style titles that are coming.  I particularly like the HUGE bosses- finally someone is taking the idea of that one boss from Dynamite Headdy.  That boss that spins the level around, retro gaming fans know which one I am talking about.

The current plans are for the beta version on PC’s to be done around September of this year.  After that, the development team plan on porting Evil Genome over to Playstation.  No word on if that is Playstation 3 or 4 or maybe the Vita.  I will keep on this one to find out what Playstation platform they are looking at (maybe all three).

Right now, head over to the Steam Greenlight page and throw your support behind Evil Genome.  We need more games like this on PC.

Evil Genome is also on Kickstarter.  Consider giving them support to help finish this game and improve it.

Carl Williams

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