Sonic Boom is Awesome!

Action, Adventure, and Sonic the Hedgehog are awaiting for us in Sonic Boom. Now hold your pitch forks as I’m not talking about the god-awful game released two years ago on the Wii U or its slightly better 3DS version. I’m talking about the cartoon that is currently on its second season, and it is awesome. It’s understandable that many Sonic fans would not give the series a chance, as we grew up with our own version of the cartoons, and they had their own merits. However, if I’m as bold to say that I think Sonic Boom is not only on par with all four previous Sonic cartoons and movie, but that it’s probably the best iteration of Sonic to this day. Read more »

M.E.R.C. Arriving on Steam Early Access

The last bastion of society is about to fall. Fueled by the greed and corruption of mankind, and driven by the lust of a single entity called Manta. Now it’s the M.E.R.C.’s job to deal with and eliminate the threat caused by those who would willingly sacrifice humanity to make a quick buck. But are you man–or woman–enough to join the ranks of the elites who will stand up as the protectors of humankind? Find out on M.E.R.C., which will be on Steam Early Access on January 17, 2017. Read more »

Ant-gravity: Tiny’s Adventure First Impressions Review

Puzzles, dimensions, collectibles, and 90 degree camera turns are common elements present in these type of puzzle games. Ant-gravity: Tiny’s Adventure is no different in this regard and, as such, meets the basics for the game well. Utilizing tight controls and a very cutesy character design for the protagonist, it is obvious from first glance, the game is aimed at a young market. However, in-spite of its target audience, this does not mean that Ant-gravity: Tiny’s Adventure doesn’t offer something for gamers of all ages. Read more »

This Is the Police

What if you had the opportunity to make 500,000 dollars in 180 days? To retire in paradise with the knowledge that you’ll never need to work another day in your life? Would you do it, or would you stop because you understand that by doing so you’ll sacrifice every moral fiber of your being? This is the question posed by This Is the Police, a videogame where the choices you make can have devastating consequences. Not only for you (the player), but for those around you as well. Is it still worth taking advantage of the opportunity? Read more »

Journal of a Survivor in The Forest

Day one:

I woke up, after my plane crash landed and watched as a man in red paint was taking my son. I tried moving, but for some reason my body wouldn’t react. By the time I could react, it had been far too late. The first thing which stood out as I awoke was the plane axe lodged in the torso of the plane attendant. I took a look around the plane cabin before making my exit and grabbed some medicine along with some dinner trays from the flight. Exiting the plane, I noticed the sleuth of baggage laid around me; I figured since the passengers were gone–or dead–I might as well help myself. Utilizing my axe, I opened enough cases to fill my pockets with cloths, energy drinks, and snack bars in case of emergencies. Once that was finished, I took a good look at my surroundings. I had no idea where the plane crash landed, but it was definitely The Forest . . . Read more »

Power Rangers in Space Retrospective Part One: Andros

Set controls to outer space now flying higher than ever before! Rangers in space! Power Rangers is a franchise held near and dear to the hearts of many in the United States. Boasting an impressive history since it’s debut on August 28, 1993 as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and continuing on to the present day with Power Rangers Ninja Steel. However, one season, in particular, stands out amongst the fans as being one of the best if not the greatest point in Power Rangers history. Power Rangers in Space took everything about the original and made it even better by improving upon the formula. Read more »

Rise & Shine Releases in a Week

Rapid action, fast pace combat, and a small frail child named Rise who keeps resurrecting. This is what the basics of Rise & Shine are in the latest game by Adult Swim Games. A run and gun shoot ’em up for the PC and Xbox one which is releasing in a week. The story is simple: you have received a gun that allows you to resurrect an infinite number of times called Shine and now you have to protect your home. However, unlike Metal Slug and Alien Hominid where your only protection was the reflexes in your body and those quarters in your pocket, Rise & Shine requires planning, thinking, and an appreciation for those infinite respawns. Read more »

The Forest is Awesome: First Impressions Review

You crash land while on a plane ride and find the passengers all dead. Suddenly, you’re thrust into a world of survival with only an axe and a guide. The whole world opens up to you in a lush forest paradise. However, what’s that? It’s a cannibalistic human with a thirst for your blood! What can you do? You fight to survive, build an effigy of your conquest, make a boat and float away to the nearest island. But buckle up, because this is The Forest and random game elements might be your downfall. Read more »

Spy on your Tenants: Beholder First Impressions Review

How far are you willing to work so you can feed your family? Are you willing to become a puppet to your government and betray those who you are meant to protect? What choices will you make and can you live with their consequences? After all, every choice you take will affect the life of someone else, and sometimes the results can be dire. Find the answers to these question in Beholder, a game which pits you as the landlord of a building in a dystopian society. As the landlord, you’ll be faced with balancing your loyalty, or disloyalty, to the government and the lives of your tenants. Read more »

Raise Your Own Queen of Hell in Princess Maker 2

Conflicts, studies, and dealing with stress are some of the staples of teenage youth. Adventuring, arranged marriages, fighting batmen, kidnappers, and even gods is not. However, if you’ve ever played Princess Maker 2, you’d be forgiven for the confusion. You see, your character has just fought off the Devil himself and saved the kingdom, but what is his reward? An angel child that has lived its entire life in heaven. Some god determined that you’ve had enough of your youth and she’s had enough of paradise on her tenth birthday. Now she’s your problem, but here’s the question: what will you do to guide your new daughter in life? Under your tutelage, will Olive become a tyrant queen of the demon realm or can she become the very queen of the nation you’ve sworn to protect? Read more »

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