This Is the Police

What if you had the opportunity to make 500,000 dollars in 180 days? To retire in paradise with the knowledge that you’ll never need to work another day in your life? Would you do it, or would you stop because you understand that by doing so you’ll sacrifice every moral fiber of your being? This is the question posed by This Is the Police, a videogame where the choices you make can have devastating consequences. Not only for you (the player), but for those around you as well. Is it still worth taking advantage of the opportunity?

This Is the Police was released on August 3, 2016 on Steam for the PC. The game takes place in Freeburg city: a cesspool of crime and corruption. You play as Jack Boyd (voiced by Duke Nukem), an almost retired chief of police who has tried his best to clean up the city. But Jack is almost done and he wasn’t as successful as he would have hoped. Now with nothing in mind for retirement, he wishes to take something from the city he has given so much. He wants to make half a million dollars and how much he takes is up to the player. This is made easier by the fact that almost everyone is corrupt.

Yes, almost every single influential person in Freeburg is in the pocket of the gangsters, and that includes the player. But just how much you give into the mafia’s pressure affects your performance. If you let the performance drop too much, you’ll lose funding and without money, you cannot support the station and your policemen. Money isn’t the only problem, though, as taking too many actions that go against the law will initiate an investigation from the DA and they will not hesitate to take you down. Worse yet, the mayor has an ego that wants appeased and he won’t hesitate to use you as his tool.

Guess you’re just a pawn in the grand scheme of things after all. If you want to find out how your story goes, you’ll be able to buy This Is the Police on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and MacOS soon. It is currently available on Steam for PC.

Dash Bomber

Dash The Bomber is a sailor is his 20's with a penchant for goofy, yet deep thoughts. An avid gamer for generations he has played everything from the Atari 2600 to the PC in which he writes his work on. He currently lives in the middle of the ocean and appreciates donations in order to buy goodies from Amazon while deployed (makes his life slightly better). You can help the guy out by donating here: .

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