M.E.R.C. Arriving on Steam Early Access

The last bastion of society is about to fall. Fueled by the greed and corruption of mankind, and driven by the lust of a single entity called Manta. Now it’s the M.E.R.C.’s job to deal with and eliminate the threat caused by those who would willingly sacrifice humanity to make a quick buck. But are you man–or woman–enough to join the ranks of the elites who will stand up as the protectors of humankind? Find out on M.E.R.C., which will be on Steam Early Access on January 17, 2017.

M.E.R.C. is a squad-shooter game with an emphasis on tactics. You will utilize a four man team with classes such as sniper, engineer, assault, and the heavy guy. Each of these classes will have different tactical advantages and disadvantages, which will make each of the levels interesting, depending on your playing style. Even better, as you progress through the game, you will unlock sub-classes for these such as the medic. The sub-classes will provide you with bigger and better tactical advantages, which will allow you to conquer The Sprawl.

The Sprawl being the core of Manta’s rule where the disenfranchised and disillusioned live. It is a literal steel jungle that will require only the best of the best to survive and M.E.R.C. stands to take the challenge. You, along with four of your best mates, can tackle it together or individually in a fully co-op campaign or a single-player mode. It’s up to you to lead the fray and make sure that everyone makes it through to the next level. Made by the creators of Tiny Realms, M.E.R.C. appears to be a promising campaign amidst the cesspool that the worst of humanity has to offer.

M.E.R.C. will be available for Windows on Steam on January 17, 2017. Save The Sprawl and stop Manta from becoming the king of humanity this January.

Dash Bomber

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