Sonic Boom is Awesome!

Action, Adventure, and Sonic the Hedgehog are awaiting for us in Sonic Boom. Now hold your pitch forks as I’m not talking about the god-awful game released two years ago on the Wii U or its slightly better 3DS version. I’m talking about the cartoon that is currently on its second season, and it is awesome. It’s understandable that many Sonic fans would not give the series a chance, as we grew up with our own version of the cartoons, and they had their own merits. However, if I’m as bold to say that I think Sonic Boom is not only on par with all four previous Sonic cartoons and movie, but that it’s probably the best iteration of Sonic to this day.

How dare do I think such a thing, you Sonic fans must be thinking? How dare you claim this mockery of Sonic is the best version when the superior Sonic X existed years before! Yet, I’ll have you know that I’ve watched all four of the shows, and honestly this one is the most impressive one. The writing is solid, the jokes are top-notch, the meta-jokes regarding the fanbase are hilarious, characters are fleshed out, albeit one-dimensional at times–mostly due to the negative continuity in the show, though. Yet, even on its second season–and 60-odd episodes–it continues to improve on the silliness and solid formula.

Credit must be given where it is due, and the writers of Sonic Boom are almost as big a fan of the blue hedgehog as we are. As mentioned before, Sonic Boom follows a negative continuity which allows each episode to be watched without viewers missing out on the jokes that they may have missed a previous episode. This fact gives them the freedom to base the humor around the jokes themselves and not the overarching plot. While some things do change and characters can feel like they haven’t grown at times, they’re likeable enough to where it’s easily forgiven. Even though sometimes they do overplay the character flaws, such as Knuckles’ lack of intelligence (which is endearing) or Sticks’ paranoia (which can be slightly annoying) it never really became detrimental to the series.

Speaking of the series, the whole self-referential humor spans almost as much Sonic history as it does of pop culture references (some of which will fly over the head of its younger demographic). Anyone who has familiarity with the show and games will constantly be catching the jokes they make about the Sonic series as a whole. For example, one joke in a recent episode regards a Sonic fanatic which claims to be his biggest admirer. Sonic is asked by Amy about the fan and the response will only make sense to anyone who has knowledge of the fanbase:

Sonic: “He’s just a fan; I’ve got dozens of them! Of course, he’s the first one who doesn’t criticize everything I do . . . “

I understand that this might not be a popular opinion, since the game has probably soured the opinions of many as it did for me. I almost never gave Sonic Boom a chance after that experience, but one day I just happened upon it while channel surfing. I gave it a shot and was hooked. Sonic Boom is definitely worth a try, but it’s important that it is looked as something besides a continuation of the previously established Sonic iterations. Sonic Boom should be treated as its own thing, similar to how My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is completely different to its original form.

Sonic Boom is definitely marketed at a younger audience with the intent of bringing a new wave of Sonic fans to the world, but there is something available for all ages. It’s a fitting direction for a goofy concept, because you know blue hedgehogs running at the speed of light is not ridiculous enough.

One more thing: I wasn’t used to the voices at first, but all of the actors do a great job of conveying the enthusiasm for their roles. I feel they picked a great cast for the show and it shows in the final product.

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