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From WWE2k16 to WCPW: How Youtube Lead Me to the UK’s Hottest New Wrestling Promotion

I bet you weren’t expecting to hear from me again, huh? It’s certainly been quite a while since I last posted on this site. I’d like to think of myself like a Steve Austin run-in; you’ll never know when I’m coming, but I make sure to leave a good impression when I do. If you […]

My Little Pony S5E16 – Rarity Investigates — Here’s looking at you, Dash.

Good Heavens! Two Rarity-centric episodes in a row? A rarity, indeed! Yes, this week, we’ve got our lenses focused on “Rarity Investigates!”. The title is probably one of the most direct we’ve had in the show, given the series’ penchant of spoofing classic titles of movies, books, and famous phrases, but it sells the idea […]

My Little Pony S5E14: Canterlot Boutique–Fashion Friction

You know, I hadn’t actually intended my review of “Inspiration Manifestation” to come right before another Rarity-centered episode. It was a complete coincidence, I swear. Nevertheless, hello again, and welcome back to Season 5 of Friendship is Magic! I figured I might make this a regular column, seeing as I love to discuss new things […]

Amazon announces a new Fire tablet for $50–Will the iPad have a true challenger at last?

Ah, the Amazon Fire. Originally just known as the Kindle Fire, this was Amazon’s attempt to get into the growing smart tablet market, and considering they’ve had regular hardware improvements, including the amazingly cheap Fire HD 6 (which as of this writing, is available for $100 USD or your regional equivalent), I’d say they’ve made […]

My Little Pony S4E23: Inspiration Manifestation–My Little Addiction

You know, if you’d have told me about four years ago that I’d make about twenty or so new friends and become seriously into writing thanks to a show about pastel-palette ponies originally made by the girl who helped make The Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, I’d have probably called you insane […]

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