Batman Arkham Underground Android Game Review

Batman, the one movie franchise that DC Comics has going that is good. That is if he is on his own – so far, the teaming up thing has not worked out so well. Not nearly as well as it has for Marvel Comics and their Iron Man movie franchise. Anyhow, that is movies and we are here to discuss games. Particularly, Batman: Arkham Underworld by Warner Bros International Enterprises (who?). If you ever wanted to be the bad guy and build an awesome base, then your time has come.

You didn’t misread that, you are the bad guy in Batmn: Arkham Underworld. You are not Batman and you are not going to see him for quite a while, at least based on my experience so far. You start with the Riddler, an underdog worth more than his antics in comics and being portrayed by Jim Carrey once would lead you to believe. Here in Batman: Arkham Underworld, the Riddler is quite a bad guy though he is no Joker or Bane (again, you won’t be seeing those either for a while).

The idea here is like earlier games on PC. If you remember Evil Genius or the Dungeon Keeper series then you have an idea of what is expected of you in Batman: Arkham Underworld. You are building your base of operations as you go but you are also infiltrating locations to earn your money to expand operations. It is this vicious cycle that brings in the In-App Purchases (you will hit a paywall eventually as this game is designed for it).

IAP range from a buck up to $200 so please be careful if you are planning on letting younger family members play Batman: Arkham Underworld on your device. I would probably not do that as this is not the fun loving 1960’s Batman, nor is it even the Batman from the Animated Series from the 1990’s. This is closer to the Dark Knight Batman – things are dark and sultry.

I do want to point out that the changelog for updates is non-existent. You are not told beforehand what is changed. That is just bad marketing. Also, they break compatibility with devices. My ZTE ZMAX 2 and GPD XD were both compatible on release but recent updates have removed them as compatible devices. Keep that in mind if you are planning on playing Batman: Arkham Underworld – if they break compatibility, you cannot get those updates.

Batman: Arkham Underworld by Warner Bros
Platform: Android (GPD XD used for review) and iPhone
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: T for Teen on Google Play and 12+ on iTunes
Available now on and the iTunes App Store

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