Is Goldberg Just a Transition Champion?

The WWE seem to be floundering to fix the ratings on Monday Night RAW since the brand split. Smackdown Live has sort of run away in regards to ratings and clearly is the real improvement story as far as the brand split is concerned. This is puzzling considering Monday Night RAW has both Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg on their roster with Goldberg the current Universal Champion. Both men are “part time” wrestlers and have contracts that feature limited event appearances and a set number of matches per pre-determined period. Does that mean Bill Goldberg is just a transition champion?

I think so. Goldberg is just holding the title to give more “oomph” to his match against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 33 this year. Considering this is the third time they will meet, and Goldberg holding a 2-0 lead in this over a decade long series it just makes sense that Lesnar finally sees retribution and wins a new belt in the process.

Goldberg is 50 years old, this is clearly a “thank you” title run for him from the WWE. I don’t see him holding the title past Wrestlemania 33 and it gives Lesnar yet another “push” as ending something. Lesnar “ended” Hulkamania years ago, when he beat Hogan into retirement #456. Lesnar also ended the Undertakers streak at Wrestlemania for some reason and now, he will probably hold the final win over Bill Goldberg as he enters retirement and “leaves WWE to the younger guys” or something similar.

I think it is going to be stupid to give Lesnar the title right now. He is a part time guy and doesn’t really get booked as having competition in the WWE. This makes it hard to build up someone to legitimately take the title off him in a believable fashion.

If the WWE truly want to give Goldberg a “thank you” title reign then they need to have him beat Lesnar, vacate the belt the next night on Monday Night RAW. This would give Goldberg a chance to go out with a win. This would also give WWE a chance to bring excitement back to Monday Night Raw via a tournament for the Universal title and give viewers that sense of “anyone could take it this time” by booking the right guys in the tournament.

Instead, we will get Lesnar as Universal champ, Goldberg gone and continue to see Roman Reigns pushed down the throats of fans.

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