Apocalypse Meow Android Overhead Shooter Review

People. There are two types in this world, at least that is what dating sties tell us. Dog people and cat people. Well, cat people, after watching the introduction video for Apocalypse Meow, you have some explaining to do. Cats have attacked, and destroyed, the Earth and it is left up to man’s best friend – dogs – to save what is left of humanity. For a scrolling shooter, it has an original storyline – can’t say I have ever literally rescued humans in space after a feline enemy destroyed the planet (Wing Commander doesn’t count).

Apocalypse Meow has a cool setup, quite like that of . You start out with an underpowered ship and face a huge armada of enemy ships that are not so underpowered. As you play you gain minerals that are exchanged for upgrades to your ship.

I suggest upgrading in this order – main gun to level 2, basic magnet then side guns and missile add-ons to level 1.

As you take on levels you will find that you can replay earlier ones. This is integral to your success and could be viewed as “level grinding” in a role-playing game. Instead of random encounters over and over being your reward, in Apocalypse Meow you are given objectives to complete. Each level has three challenge levels and those each have four objectives to complete. To advance to the next level you simply must survive the previous one.

There are achievements to collect and there are In App Purchases too so watch for those. They are for minerals, removing ads, mineral doubler, faster ship build time, and a jumbo pack of minerals.

The story is advanced via short, fully voiced, segments that pop up during gameplay. Kind of how you got communications during missions in the Wing Commander games or in Shock Wave on 3DO (who remembers that one?). It is a nice touch and doesn’t detract from the game at all.

Apocalypse Meow is another great release in the scrolling shooter RPG genre (if that is a thing). We don’t spend money on In App Purchases for purposes of our reviews and I can tell you, a week or two in, I am still playing regularly so I can advance against the evil feline forces. It was hard putting down Sky Force Reloaded and it will be tough moving on from Apocalypse Meow too. Can’t recommend it more than that to fans of the genre.

Apocalypse Meow by SplitCell
Platform: Android (ZTE ZMAX 2 used for review)
Genre: Overhead scrolling shooter with role playing elements
In App Purchases: Yes (detailed above)
Rated: E for Everyone
Available now on

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