Pokemon GO Sees Major Updates Including New Pokemon

Niantic and Nintendo know what they are doing with Pokemon GO, that is for sure. We here at Gravis Ludus have been following the social exploration game for a while now. Recently, it was revealed through data crackers that there will be 100 new second generation Pokemon joining the cast among other things. Now we have found out that a new Pokemon has been unleashed and he may be the hardest to find.

Ditto is now available in Pokemon GO, if you have the latest update. Ditto, for those that do not know, is elusive because he can mimic the other Pokemon with comical results. Ditto is not quite capable of perfecting his copying abilities, so watch out for Pokemon that are just slightly off.

In Pokemon GO, Ditto has some interesting traits. For one, when battling in a Pokemon Gym, he will mimic the first Pokemon he faces. This includes appearance, moves, and type of Pokemon. Ditto holds these traits until the series of matches are over, win or lose. Interesting.


In the Ditto capture video above, we can see a Pidgeotto being captured, but it turns out to be Ditto. As you can see, there is no real proof that it is not the Pokemon you think you are capturing as Ditto reveals himself after he is captured. This makes it incredibly tough to capture him because you will need to spend a lot of time, or money, collecting Pokeballs to use in your quest.

Have you caught Ditto yet? If not, don’t fret as you will eventually. He is quite good at hiding but as I said earlier, he is not perfect at it.

Members over on Reddit have already begun posting pictures and albums of Ditto in their collections. It is safe to say Ditto is indeed in the wild now.

Carl Williams

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