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If you are a fan of classic horror movies, at least the cult ones, then you are probably aware of Evil Dead.  Recently there was a remake released in the cinema world and with that, and modern marketing techniques, there is now a game to compliment the movie.  If you are not a fan of endless runner games then you will want to skip this one, though Evil Dead fans will want to at least try it- you might like it.  Evil Dead – Endless Nightmare awaits.

The press release claims cinema realistic graphics and I have to call crap on that claim.  The graphics are decent but nowhere near what you will see even in budget horror movie CGI scenes.  Reign it in a bit there guys.

The story far is based on the movie except the action is different.  You are controlling Ash as he runs from the iconic horror cabin in the woods and must survive in the forest full of Deadites.  Along your journey will come across many helpful items such as weapons (chainsaw, shotgun, box cutter and more).

Via the Book of the Dead you can track your progress, get quests to complete and see how many blood droplets you have collected.  Eventually you will face the Evil Witch and fight for your survival one more time.

There is a bit of leeway in your journey through the forest.  Unlike most other endless runners you are not stuck on a very narrow path – instead there is a wide area to move.  Avoiding the Deadites is as simple as just veering left and right of them.  As long as they are not center of your screen you will most likely move right past them.

As you run through the forest you have to grab blood droplets and kill Deadites.  There are some cool sound bites from the movie.  I don’t generally like endless running games and I can recommend Evil Dead – Endless Nightmare for Android.  There is enough different to the genre here that even I found it somewhat enjoyable.

There are In App Purchases so keep that in mind when playing.

Evil Dead – Endless Nightmare by Boombdash Digital Ltd
Genre: 3D Endless Runner
Platform: Android (ZTE ZMAX 2 used for review), Amazon Android Devices, iPhone, and iPad
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: Mature 17+ on Google Play and 17+ on iTunes
Available now on and  and the iTunes App Store

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