Have You Caught Ditto Pokemon GO’s Most Elusive Creature?

It seems that there is one particular little Pokemon creature that you are going to have a lot of trouble catching.  Ditto.  This is a seemingly unassuming little glob of purple gelatinous substance which hides a major secret that hardcore fans know but casual probably don’t.  Ditto can transform into other Pokemon- similar to Mystique in the X-Men movies and comics.  This little guy is so elusive that no one has caught him yet.  Even the CEO of Niantic, John Hanke, pokes at players about Ditto.

In an interview with John Hanke said, “I couldn’t tell you how to find Ditto, because it wouldn’t be any fun if I did. It will happen for you, I promise.”

Now, Pokemon GO is a rather popular game and one that took the world by storm, at least for a short period of time there.  While there are still millions of players running around trying to find the digital creatures, finding Ditto is a lot harder than most thought possible.  It can be tough to capture a shape shifter that can look strikingly close to any other creature in the game.

Some background information on this little Pokemon creature.  In Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo 64, Ditto was hiding as a Bulbasaur.  This could be a tip worth investigating when you encounter Bulbasaur in the wild.  Ditto also has a unique defense mechanism.  When he is sleeping he turns into a rock- apparently Geodude has a sleeping face looking design on his back.  Maybe Ditto is hiding in the game as Geodude?

With the sheer number of Pokemon GO Players out there hammering away at the digital creatures that someone would have found a Ditto by now.  Just remember, pay attention to the creatures you encounter as Ditto could be any of them, though something will be out of place as he is not all that great at mocking other creatures.

Carl Williams

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