Why The Crow Remake Should Not Be Done

Calling all goth’s (I’m a goth by the way lol) and The Crow fans. I know none of us really want this movie to go ahead, after all they can not top the original if they threw all the money in the world at it. Here is why this movie should be left well alone.

The Crow is a Tribute and should be left well alone:

On Tuesday, 30 March 1993, the after-hours shoot for The Crow was going on, it was the 50th day of production.  The sequence to be nailed in a loft apartment was pivotal. It was the murder of the film’s hero, Eric Draven, by a gang of hooligans whom he returns home to find assaulting his fiancée.

A single blank was to be fired, and a squib simultaneously let off in the shopping bag, to release blood over the actor playing Draven as he tumbled to the floor.

That actor was Brandon Lee, he was only 28-year-old son and was the son of the kung fu star Bruce Lee. As he fell backwards from the blast – not forwards as they had all planned to happen – it took long moments before the others on set realized that something had gone terribly wrong. It took weeks of investigation, for anyone to work out why this had happened.

The lead tip of the bullet was pushed out by the blank charge, scratched the bottom of the shopping bag before sinking into Lee’s navel. The immediate impact of the shot was an instant, internal, abdominal bleed that reduced Lee’s heartbeat fast. He lay there going gray on the apartment floor, while first aid was administered. He was rushed to the nearest hospital as soon as an ambulance could arrive, there he went through 12 hours of surgery to try to save his life, but was very sadly pronounced dead at 1.03pm the next day.

They still managed to finish the movie out of respect for Brandon Lee and his dad which is why this movie should stay the way it is. How many of you out there agree with me?






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  • Robert John Sartori

    I could not agree more. This is and always will be my favorite movie. I’ve always enjoyed the crow comic books ,and am left scratching my head as to why a new movie couldn’t use another story arc. Iris Shaw’s perhaps? I understand that it’s loosely based on J.O. Barr’s own personal tragedy but a remake would just be an insult to Brandon. Just my opinion.

  • Ray Felch

    i agree a 1000% with you this film is awesome they need to get new ideas for movies i am one of the first to say remakes are a bad idea you think they know better

    they did 3 sequels that did not make the money they were hoping for so why do this no body needs this don’t shit on the best comic book film of the 90s please

  • Jason Mounce

    It’s just completely disrespectful. It was something that almost never made it to release because of Brandon Lee’s untimely death, them finishing it up and releasing it was both, a miracle, a homage, tribute, and something to ensure the hard work wasn’t in vain.

    Now Hollywood, the uncreative, unimaginative cucks who’re shitting on the entire industry because writers are so lazy, sleazy and have run out of ideas, demand to constantly milk every single IP and series to death, ruin all classics and shit on everything that fans cherish just so they can make a quick buck.

    To top it all off, remakes and games-to-movies barely ever work. It’s beating a dead horse at this point and am sure we’ll only be getting more movies with the same quality or political agenda behind it as Ghostbuster 2016, where the only way they can invent hype for a failure of an idea is by injecting a crappy agenda inside of it to market it out more.

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