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Blackwood Crossing Screenshots from Gamescom 2016 Released

PaperSeven are a new company that are focused on releasing their first game, Blackwood Crossing.  This new game is coming to the Playstation 4 console, Xbox One and PCs via the Steam service.  For those that do not know what Blackwood Crossing is, it is an adventure that tells the story of childhood and coming of age from a unique perspective.  PaperSeven have just released some screen shots from Gamescom 2016, they are available after the jump.

As you can see, Blackwood Crossing is unique in art style- cartoon meets more realism than normal.  The story focuses on Finn, the younger brother of Scarlett who is coming of age.  Scarlett is not interested in playing games and doing childish things anymore and that kind of bothers Finn.  Finn is more interested in playing games, using his imagination and just doing kid stuff, preferably with his older sister.  See, Finn and Scarlett are orphans and they have a connection that is hard to explain.  It is even harder for Finn to let go of his sister as she grows up and he is stuck a generation behind in childhood.  Finn uses imagination and fun to ignore reality while Scarlett is having to adjust to facing that same reality.  It seems though that Blackwood Crossing tells the story of Scarlett getting sucked into Finn’s imagination- oh this is going to be good.

PC Blackwood Crossing

Blackwood Crossing is just still in development by PaperSeven.  When finished we can expect to see this new adventure release on the Sony Playstation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and the Steam digital distribution service.  This is rather interesting as adventure games have not exactly been system sellers on consoles.  Adventure games have traditionally done better on PC’s over the last several decades so it will be interesting to see how gamers respond to Blackwood Crossing.

To watch the trailer head over here.

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