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Toby the Secret Mine Brings 2D Silhouette Adventures to Google Play and iTunes

There are many kinds of “minimalist” styles out there.  Two of the more popular ones are “8-Bit” as it is called and the other is “silhouette” style.  8-Bit is all blocky, attempting to capture the “pixel” look of the early days of gaming.  I remember people complaining about the Game Boy and Nintendo NES graphics, now it seems people are clamoring to recreate that charm- go figure.  The second is more modern, and more interesting to me, that attempts to capture your imagination through lack of detail.  Graphically, silhouette games are still able to hold their own with detailed backgrounds and animation while leaving out the foreground details.  For PC gamers, this is a close resemblance to playing early 3D games with a video card that was not quite up to snuff for the game.  Still, it is interesting that this genre is picking up steam.  Toby the Secret Mine is just one of the more recent, and interesting, titles here.  2D action adventure fans will feel right at home.

The story for Toby the Secret Mine involves a whole town being kidnapped.  Your job is to discover who took the people, why and of course, save them.  Gamers have rescued family members of important people, the President himself and of course, love interests.  It is not all that common to rescue a whole freaking town though.

– Various Beautifully handcrafted Environments
– Lots Of Different Puzzles
– Many dangerous and challenging traps and enemies
– Many hours of fun
– Google Play Game Services support for achievements
– Tablet support

A great trend that Toby the Secret Mine continues is the lack of In App Purchases.  Yes, this requires you to pay a flat fee up front, just like the good old days, but then you own it, again like days gone by.  If you are tired of In App Purchases in games, and happen to like 2D adventures then support developers giving you what you want- they just might give you more of it!

Toby the Secret Mine by Headup Games
Platform: Android and iOS
Genre: 2D Side Scrolling Adventure
Rated: 10+ on Google Play and 12+ on iTunes
In App Purchases: Nope.  Pay once and play forever
Available now on and the iTunes App Store

Carl Williams

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