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Flappy Bird Now Runs on E-Cigarette

Flappy Bird, that annoying to many, phenomenon to others, game has gotten around the electronics world.  Usually limited to video game consoles and mobile devices, Flappy Bird has finally broken free of that digital cage.  Someone has ported the infuriating game to a freaking E-Cigarette device.  Yeah. 

This port has been accomplished on the device.  The screen is really small and in black and white but the game is quite playable.  Obviously Flappy Bird on the is still just as rage inducing as it was before, maybe more so considering the smaller screen.

It is interesting that this has been done, though, over on Retro Gaming Magazine, I have covered plenty of ports that probably should not have happened.  We have seen stuff like , even on the .  Seeing Flappy Bird running on an e-cigarette is probably not all that wild.

The interesting thing about this port of Flappy Bird to the is that it is done completely within the limitations of the device.  This port does not damage the firmware on the device so you will be able to still use the e-cigarette device as it was intended.

Considering these e-cigarette devices are getting more and more powerful, how long before we start seeing other games ported to them?  Could we someday see Atari 2600 games, Nintendo or even Sega Genesis games hitting e-cigarette devices?  Could these things become an untapped market for game developers looking for a new avenue to showcase their talents?

What games would you most like to see ported to these e-cigarette devices?  Are you a “vaper”?  Think this is good or bad for the alternative to tobacco option?

This is the first article that I have done like this so if it is popular, I will see what else I can find.  Share, like, comment, etc so we know what you enjoy so we can do more like it.

Carl Williams

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