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Bandit Gaming: Leisure Suit Larry for the NES

Some games were just too hot for the NES back in the day, such as the classic Point and Click series- Leisure Suit Larry. Nintendo would probably have censored so much that it would not have been recognizable to fans had any of Larry’s adventures even attempted to follow King’s Quest V, Shadowgate or UnInvited to console bliss. Now, thanks to indie developers, Leisure Suit Larry is coming to the NES, unofficially and without permission from Codemasters- the owners of the Leisure Suit Larry IP.

For those that don’t know about Leisure Suit Larry, it is all about the adventures of Larry trying to find a woman to have relations with. Truth be told, there really is not any nudity nor sex in the games. Everything is ennuendo and implied, there is more nudity in just about any God of War game than all of the Leisure Suit Larry games prior to Magna Cum Laude.

Moving Larry about the screen was originally handled through pointing and clicking. On the NES though, it seems that Larry is controlled directly with the mouse.  Head over to Stagram for a short video of the NES game in action.

As of right now, this first, unofficial NES outing is titled, Larry: And The Long Look For A Luscious Lover. There is no release date available at this time but the game is expected to release on a physical cartridge at some point.  Khan Games are developing this one, check their

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