WWE Announce 32 Woman Women’s Tournament for WWE Network

The WWE seem to be moving in a unique direction over the last five to ten years. They are slowly moving away from gimmicks they are focusing more on women competitors as actual competitors and seem to be working more with indies. It is almost like wrestling has come full circle. In the old days, there were territories that were owned by wrestling companies. You would share talent to help each other and fans were happy. WWE changed that by buying everyone they could out. Well, with these tournaments (the first was the Cruiserweights Tournament last year and the UK Championship Tournament earlier this year) we are seeing more indie talent get a chance with WWE. This is interesting because now we are onto the women getting a turn. Who will turn out for this tournament and who won’t though?

There will be women competitors from 17 countries featured in this 32 woman competition. This is great news as there are a lot of women competitors that have not come to WWE, for whatever reason. Bringing the women to the forefront again like this will surely help build up the Women’s Divisions of all three shows (Raw, Smackdown Live and NXT).

This is something I have complained about since the brand split. The lack of female competition available. I have often thought that the Women’s Division probably should have stayed with Monday Night Raw like the Cruiserweights Division did. There simply are not enough women with the company to have three divisions going. This method gives us less than 10 competitors per show which ends up giving fans a lot of repeat matches and the same people chasing the one Women’s Championship per show. Basically, things get boring and quick.

The 32 competitor Women’s Tournament will air on the WWE Network this Summer. Who are your picks to compete? I have a few and will detail them in another article.

Source: WWE

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