New Playstation Vita Releases for April 2017

Many may think the Playstation Vita is a dead hand held. Sure, there are not a ton of new releases for Sony’s most recent attempt at portable dominance but it is not dead yet. We have a list of new releases for the little Sony hand held right here – some are rather interesting and cool to see. Others are, “What the…” releases.

A Rose in the Twilight
Genre: Platformer
Publisher: NIS America
Release: April 11th (North America) and April 14th (Europe)
Format: Physical and Playstation Network

Controlling Rose, who has the Power of Thorns, players must work with the giant to conquer puzzles and escape the castle. Gameplay requires switching between the two characters.

Genre: Arcade
Publisher: Crunching Koalas
Release: April 11th (North America and Europe)
Foramt: Playstation Network

Ever want to play a game where you throw a javelin? Basically Angry Birds with less cartoony graphics, Lichtspeer lets you dispatch with Hipster Ice Giants, Wurst Zombies and more.

Genre: Role Playing Game
Publisher: Qubic Games
Release: April 11th (North America) already available in Europe
Format: Playstation Network

You control a young lady that was chosed by the magic book to rescue the world from evil. Along the way you will face not only enemies but puzzles and various obstacles. Plenty of trophies to earn will keep you playing Fairune.

Full Throttle Remastered
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Double Fine
Release: April 18th (North America and Europe)
Format: Playstation Network

This is a remaster of the original Full Throttle game by Tim Schafer for LucasArts. Adventure fans will love this one as the story is more mature than other point and click adventures.

The Deer God
Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Funbox Media
Release: April 25th (North America and Europe)
Format: Playstation Network

Pixel based game fans will want to check this one out. Explore the landscape and solve puzzles as you unlock skills. This is one of the games that switches the tables on the gamer.

Period: Cube -Shackles of Amadeus-
Genre: Visual Novel
Publisher: Aksys Games
Release: April 28th (North America) Europe unknown
Format: Retail and Playstation Network

A visual novel about a missing brother, an online game, and discovering clues in a life or death scenario.

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment
Genre: Platformer
Publisher: Yacht Club Games
Release: April 2017 (North America and Europe)
Format: Unknown

Continue the adventures of the Shovel Knight on your PS Vita. New areas, new music, new enemies, basically a new game in the style of the original.

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